Weighing System

Licorice is the beginning of the production process.

Economically weighted precision weighing system that provides high quality, rapid product changes to prepare a proportional solution.

Dosing System

With delicate dosing pumps, the aromas and colors in the hoppers are dosed to the product dispenser

Sugar Paste Extruder

The various viscose products are 2-screw extruders designed for extrusion. Used to create packed Licorice products


In the licorice forming system, molds are used for products such as belt, spaghetti, rope, cable, double layer, hollow, filled type and different combinations.


Protecting packaged licorice products is a system that is used to prevent sticky products from sticking together.

Sugar Coating

Licorice It is a system that is used for the automatic coating of sugar on homogeneous distributed products.


The Licorice forming system is a mechanism that provides a vertical clean cut with a cutting blade running in parallel with the tape speed and flexibility according to product length and thickness