Weighing System

Jelly (Soft Candy) is the beginning of the manufacturing process.Economically weighed, precise weighing system that provides high quality, rapid product changes to prepare a confectionary solution.

Cooking Vacuuming

Jelly (Soft Sugar) is a unit that provides fast and homogenous cooking of the process. The water in the unit is discharged from the vacuum tank through the pump.


It is a system that performs Gravimetric mixing and aroma & dye dosing in Jelly (Soft Sugar) production lines. It is positioned on the Mogul line.

Ventilation Foaming System

In Jelly (Soft Sugar) Production Line, it is foamed by mixing thoroughly with the continuous controlled ventilation system.

Lubrication System

The products shaped on the Jelly Production Line (Soft Sugar) are lubricated with a homogenously dosed gauze oil in a drum.

Confectionery System

Jelly (Soft Candy) Line steamed products on the surface are coated with sugar transferred into the stainless drum.

Box Weighing System

Jelly (Soft Sugar) line of molded oiled or sugar coated products can be taken in the desired kg in the box. Two stations.